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Fracture Dynamics

sbdse Fracture dynamics of dip-slip earthquakes.

HF Crack propagation in hyperelastic materials.

NL Nucleation of fault slip instability.

CB Stability of dynamically propagating cracks.

Rayleigh Pulse Pulse-induced interface instability.

DTFS Dynamic triggering of fault slip.

Wave Dynamics

sq Generation of seaquakes and its impact on floating bodies.

te The town effect: Dynamic interaction between a group of structures and waves in the ground.

rs Collapse of slopes induced by surface waves.

Tunnel Wave-induced damage to underground structures.

Rayleigh Love The relation between stress and particle velocity for surface waves / pulses.

Materials Science

Coating Thermal stress reduction in oxidation-protective layers by surface geometry modification.

Atom Molecular dynamics simulations for atomic oxygen effects on carbon based materials in space.

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